The current coach

Jerry 'Wu Tang'

Jerry 'Wu Tang' Started training BJJ/MMA in late 2001 ,He is a Black Belt under Fabio Araujo (3rd Degree Black Belt under Carlson GracieSr.). There were many schools he were affiliated and trained with; Renzo Gracie(Stamford and New York City), CTMMA (Connecticut Mix Martial Arts), but theschools he primarily trains with are Carlson Gracie Connecticut and GracieSports. A few greats he trained under were Renzo Gracie, MasterMarcio'Macarrão' Stambowsky, Roger Denton, Grand Master CarlsonGracie, Carlson Gracie Jr., Fabio Araujo and many others. The BJJ style that*Wu Tang* inhibits is very effective for sport and self defense.


Since childhood, practicing martial arts, at the age of 17 began to learn boxing, tae kwon do, 2002 began formal training in Europe Kick boxing, successively in Holland Mike 's Gym, the Greek small head - champion Mike Zambidis Mega Club training camp. After signing Hall of fame Armagos Fight Club, began to turn to the MMA in 2008, 2013 from the injury. 2013.12 months into the club teacher standing fighting, MMA!


Animals Asia Foundation Bear Manager. One of the founders of the club. The first person ever got purple belt of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in southeastern china. he has been doing internal and external work for the club. Also part time working as customer service representative, manager, translator etc. rocky is Good at controlling and guarding . balanced tactical style. he Always actively takes part in all kinds of competitions both domestic or international ones. he has been learning BJJ for more than 6 years. Now working as a coach teaching basic BJJ lessons. cheerfully teaching style. Detailed oriented. A good choice for beginner.


Debbie,British greek, hard core fan of crossfit, hose riding, track and field. has been training bjj, kickboxing and mma since moved to china. 2014 rollhoho bjj national open women's absolute blue and white division silver medalist. 2015 chengdu bjj open men's blue belt 64kg division silver medalist(yes, men's blue belt division) 2016 the Philippine asian bjj open women's blue belt 64kg division silver medal and women blue belt absolute gold medal winner 2016 shanghai bjj national open women blue belt division 64kg gold medal and absolute gold medal winner 2016 uaejjf bjj greek national pro women's purple belt division 70kg silver medalist, women's purple and brown belt division absolute silver medal winner. Debbie has fought ckf and wbk mma events

About Academy

2010年 来自英国的巴西柔术蓝带Jamie在剑道馆,开始教学巴西柔术,Boris和石学良机缘巧合前去学习,同年Boris亲手设计了三角熊猫的俱乐部标志!(后期被国内同行称熊猫馆的由来)

2011年3月正式成立俱乐部,取名成都巴西柔术俱乐部(CDBJJ CLUB),非盈利性质爱好者俱乐部,立意为成都乃至西南地区巴西柔术(BJJ)与综合格斗(MMA)爱好者集聚交流,推广柔术及综合格斗的非盈利性爱好者俱乐部

2011年-2012年6月期间 CDBJJ同时在剑道馆与25小时健身房开课,场地面积变大,理念吸引到美籍巴西柔术棕带jerry教练的到来俱乐部执教巴西柔术!同时,来自法国的巴西柔术蓝带同时也是MMA资深练习者Antion(阿童木)教练免费义务执教MMA课程!



2016年7月1日租下陕西街106号5楼场地,一月装修,8月1日正式入驻!改名为 成都巴西柔术学院(CDBJJ Academy)! 立意成为西南地区最好的柔术馆,输送比赛及教练人才!








Coach, shareholder, black belt


Coach MMA, shareholders, purple belt



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